Hello, I am Photographer Wayne Hacker. I guess you can consider this an autobiographical resume. Starting off in a galaxy far, far away in the Seattle area of Washington State. I realized my passion for photography at a young age.

I attended at the Art Institute of Seattle, where I earned an Associates Arts Degree in Commercial Photography. My experience at the Art Institute of Seattle gave me so much more than I had expected and had really helped me to refine my photographic standards.  I also had the honor of being accepted for an internship for Art Wolfe. For a semester I worked with his talented team and briefly had the chance to sit down with Art Wolfe to review my work.  That short exchange of information has really stayed with me over all these years. Thank you Art Wolfe. 

After graduation I took a job in Denver as a custom printer, where real world encounters with photographers who all had very different tastes and styles of there own, proved to me that every story can be told in a large number of ways.  In just over a year I pulled up roots and tried my luck in Phoenix. While there I did some more lab work as a process printing tech and just never really settled in. While Denver and Phoenix were wonderful cities with great people in both, I came to the conclusion that the Seattle area is where I needed to be. 

Back in Seattle I soon found myself at The Corbis Corporation. Known today as Corbis, or the Corbis Collection, it's only true rival is Getty Images. I spent eight wonderful years as a digital image technician preserving and preparing images for digital prepress clients around the world, while also helping to develop the archive of Corbis.  During my time with Corbis I worked side by side with very talented people who helped me more then they will ever know. After Corbis I worked briefly at On Request Images and The Plane Picture Company. They knew before I did that being in the lab or doing digital work for someone else would not settle me. 

From the moment I held my first SLR camera way back in high school, little did I know that photography would become an ever changing extension of my life.  Through the years I have published a fair amount of images mostly through my association with alamy.com where I have over a thousand images posted.  I am adding new images when possible.  I would have to say that my most notable achievement was being published in the Washington State 24/7 edition of the America 24/7 book project (page 135).  

I have spent the last couple of years photographing and rebuilding my image collection.  My focus is on Travel and Nature Photography.  I have more of an editorial style to my photography as I prefer to capture images that have many natural aspects to them with little digital alteration to the image. Plus as a freelance photographer I am available for assignments if you find my work fitting for the task.

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